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Logo Creation. Color Matching. Visual Identity Developpment.

Let design be the visual of your imagination…. It’s limitless!


What is a Visual Identity ?

The visual identity is the basis of a communication strategy, it is essential for a company.
In order to obtain a visual identity similar to yours, your graphic charter and your logo must be influential. They will be used to identify you in a unique and direct way on any support, thus distinguishing you from your competitors.



The graphic elements constituting the identity of a company are defined by a graphic charter, with the name, logo, colours, font, typography, but also with pictograms, icons, an emblem, a representative character and other visual elements.

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1. Graphic charter

Adaptation of the identity of your company thanks to the creation of the logo, and its insertions on visuals and support, the choice of colors, typography, etc.

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2. Creation of the Logo

Let’s define together the image of your company or your product

Study of your logo
Allowing you to create up to 3 variations of your logo to best achieve your visual goal

Final stage of implementation after the validation of one of the study proposals

Declination of the logo in colour and B&W and adaptation on support