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About Editing  & Advertising

The Web has certainly revolutionized the field of advertising and marketing, but paper media still plays an important role in a communication strategy, provided that the right message is used, on the right medium, at the right time…
Our agency handles all your publishing work, advertising creations or communication, from the design to printing.


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Business Card

A business card is a highly personal form of marketing, and does exactly what you need it to. Business cards serve the key purpose of marketing your business and getting your key contact information into your client’s hands… all in a matter of seconds. Fundamental to the value of the business card, is its portability.

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Posters, Bus shelter Ads, 4x3s

A readable and carefully constructed poster will have a considerable impact on passers-by, and therefore on the attendance rate of your event or activity.

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Flyers, Prospectus

Its purpose is to pass on as much information as possible to as many people as possible. The flyer remains the most used advertising medium during an event communication action.

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“Faire Part” Annoucement

A wedding? A birth? A christening? A business creation? Orsoie takes care of putting your wishes into shape and colour, and ensures you the best impact thanks to an original and attractive visual.

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The leaflet is an indispensable and reliable medium for communicating relatively complete information to as many people as possible, while at the same time being able to target the addressees.

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Brochure & Catalogue

A brochure or a catalogue are key tools in a serious commercial approach, and the care given to these documents conveys the image of your company.

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Menu, Bar Menu, Restaurant

An original and readable menu card will guide your customers in the choice of their meal.


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Creative work

An idea for an original visual creation? A desire to offer a portrait, a drawing, an illustration to your loved ones? Orsoie will allow you to highlight your originality thanks to a unique visual and your desires.

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Motion design – 2D Animation – Illustration – Mascot creation

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