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Hey there! 

You already know that we are a marketing agency and that we also have an understanding of e-commerce marketing and from time to time, other industries too. Now, the only question that remains is: What can we do for you? At our full-service marketing agency our clients are our top priority.

What sets us apart is our dynamic team, honest advice, short response times, and combined competence across all areas of marketing: experts in consulting, software, advertising, web, storytelling and graphic design. But we are not limited to just that! We are always evolving and love to take on new challenges!

Our Story!

In April 2020, I created ARC Digital Solutions – an agency, where independents, small and middle-sized companies can find the help they need to manage digital transformation smoothly and efficiently. Since then a lot has changed! We evolved and opened our second branch in the city of Amsterdam, a thriving place for international business. Inspired by this step and with a great story in mind, we renamed the brand to MAYZING.

It’s a made-up word, transmitting to you our deepest intentions. May is the month where I had been born and it is this happy time of renewal, regeneration, emergence and blossoming, propelling ourselves forward! It’s fresh, it’s new, and it smells amazing.

MAYZING supports you professionally in your renewal process and helps you create amazing opportunities for your business.

Come and share with us your amazing story and products and be MAYZING for your customers and users!

OUr Team!

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Jan Bleschke 

Founder & Web Desinger

Hey, I’m Jan!

I am the founder of this amazing agency. Creative, wild and amused I am passionate about marketing, experiences and customer service. With MAYZING I aim to express my personal motivation in every project that we take on to make the experience unforgettable. People think making a website is annoying and takes up much time, well it does! But we at MAYZING make sure that this process is easy on you and we are here to give you a structured plan to succes and no time!

I would be happy to meet you in person or didgitally to discuss your future project. I bet it’s MAYZING!

Let’s Create!


Priscilla Benz

Graphic Designer 

Hey, I’m Priscilla!

I’m a multimedia designer, illustrator. Passionate about drawing since I was young, I decided to pursue my studies in the field of graphic design, up to the BTS. Following this diploma and until today, I have been working in parallel for a French film company for 6 years now. This has allowed me to evolve in the world of graphic design, and also to learn motion design, editing and project management of all kinds. This job is a passion for me, which is why I want to use my services with entrepreneurs who are looking for someone they can trust to translate their identity into images. Thus, I put my creativity at your service to help you develop a unique visual identity that reflects your values.

I am at your disposal to take up new creative challenges with you!